Message from the Executive Director

Hello, and welcome to Pivot Charter School. At Pivot Charter School you’ll find a welcoming environment, where our teachers are passionate about learning, and all of our resources are positioned with one goal in mind – student success. Pivot’s unique curriculum coupled with one-on-one support provides a customized educational experience for all students. When someone joins Pivot, they instantly feel the sense of community and the professional yet supportive atmosphere of our unique learning environment. Connect with us and find out the advantages and flexibility that await you at Pivot Charter School.

 About Jayna

Jayna Gaskell has worked in education for more than 30 years. Gaskell holds a Masters degree in secondary education from Emory University. After teaching grades 4-12 in Florida and Georgia, Gaskell moved to California in 1993 to serve as Director of Admissions and Academics of a small boarding and day school for four years. In 1998 Gaskell co-founded and directed a California charter school for five years. Gaskell has presented multiple statewide workshops on Independent Study, Governance, Renewal, Special Education and Strategic Planning with the Charter Schools Development Center, CANEC and other educational agencies throughout California. Ms. Gaskell also established a highly successful charter school consulting business assisting schools by drafting and reviewing charter petitions, writing grants, creating charter renewals, developing staffing plans, WASC Self Study documents, educational plans and school wide improvement plans, and conducting governance trainings, compliance reviews and strategic planning projects. She served a two year term on the State Superintendent’s Advisory Commission on Charter Schools, and has participated in the US Department of Education and the Office of Civil Rights Summit on Charter Schools and Special Education for four years. In addition to serving many CA charter schools, Gaskell has worked with charter schools in Fl, TN, OR and AZ. She has worked with over 200 schools in the last 10 years. She served as a founding board member and chair of the Board of the California Montessori Project, one of the largest public Montessori schools in operation for 10 years. Ms. Gaskell has been Executive Director for Pivot Charter Schools since November 2010.

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