Mission, Vision, & Values


The Mission of Pivot Charter Schools is to instruct students in grades K-12 through a rigorous online educational platform supported by class offerings at our resource center and individualized attention. The unique educational program coupled with flexible scheduling and a caring environment provides students the skills, confidence and motivation to lead a successful and productive life in the 21st century.


The vision of Pivot Charter Schools is to afford students who graduate more opportunities in their careers and education than they would have had if they had not attended Pivot; to open doors and develop lives.

Core Values

Pivot Charter Schools are founded on the following Core Beliefs:

  • Successful schools are student centered, not adult centered
  • Focus on changing lives and you can’t go wrong
  • A teacher’s role is to have frequent, supportive yet motivating communication with students
  • Student academic performance is greater when they have the influence of a positive adult in their lives
  • Schools must show how much they care about students
  • Educators should have warrior spirit, a servant’s heart and a fun loving attitude in serving students
  • Education needs to provide more options, not less
  • The goal is that students learn; how we get there should be as unique as every student
  • Technology is our friend and should play a crucial role in educating students

Expected Schoolwide Learning Results (ESLRS)

Pivot Charter School strives to ensure that our students are:
Academic Achievers who…

  • Graduate high school.
  • Strive to meet or exceed California State Standards.
  • Demonstrate academic growth.
  • Complete core subject coursework.
  • Feel confident about their abilities.
  • Have acquired an interest in learning.

Communicators who…

  • Express ideas clearly in verbal and written form.
  • Are comfortable communicating to diverse audiences and to in diverse medium.
  • Read for information and insight.

Critical Thinkers who…

  • Identify problems and solutions.
  • Apply acquired knowledge to changing conditions.
  • Access and manage information effectively.
  • Use high order thinking skills.

Technologically literate students who…

  • Understand the application of technology in the home and work place.
  • Critically evaluate technology resources

Culturally aware citizens who…

  • Demonstrate empathy and caring for others.
  • Have a general understanding and appreciation for our diverse society.
  • Demonstrate individual responsibility, personal integrity, and tenacity.

Motivated, Self-Directed students who…

  • Work smarter, not always harder.
  • Organize and manage time efficiently.
  • Assume responsibility for their life-long learning.

Personally responsible individuals who…

  • Treat their bodies with respect.
  • Demonstrate an understanding and appreciation for healthy choices.
  • Make decisions that promote ongoing success and happiness in their lives.

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