Graduation Drive-Thru Ceremony – Pivot North Bay Class of 2020!

Please join us in celebrating the unique, resilient and one of a kind graduating class of 2020 with a graduation car parade! We encourage you all to decorate your cars to reflect your Senior’s personality, passions and hopes for the future and take part in our live-streamed, social distance compliant graduation ceremony.

Please note: all courses must be complete and a final grad check received in order to participate in the graduation ceremonies. Course work must be completed by the end of day June 9th, 2020 in order to participate. 

When (Your time slot will be assigned to you after you RSVP): Wednesday, June 10th, 2020

  • Drive-Thru 1 (15 cars): 4 – 4:30 p.m.
  • Drive-Thru 2 (15 cars): 4:30 – 5 p.m.
  • Drive-Thru 3 (15 cars): 5 – 5:30 p.m.
  • Drive-Thru 4 (15 cars): 5:30 – 6 p.m.

Where: Pivot Charter School North Bay, 2999 Cleveland Avenue, Santa Rosa CA 


  1. Graduating seniors will receive a packet with a Pivot Class of 2020 lawn/car sign, a bumper sticker and graduation announcements with your graduate’s name and our livelink address Announcements can be sent to family and friends to allow them to participate in the events via live stream video that will be available on our website during the Drive-Thru ceremonies. You will receive information for picking these up as well as submitting any remaining payments and returning technology early next week.
  2. Students will RSVP using the following link by the end of the day, June 5th. Students and families will receive a parade number, a time slot in which to arrive and a live stream link to the event. Students must RSVP by June 5th in order to attend.
  3. Cars will arrive and line up on State Farm Drive. Please have your Senior’s name posted visibly on your dashboard. Cars may be decorated and are encouraged to sport their Pivot class of 2020 lawn signs and/or bumper stickers. Please remember that this is a school event and all decorations must be school appropriate.
  4. Cars will be directed to line up in parking spots by Pivot staff (all staff will be masked) and will be directed to drive forward one at a time
  5. As each car drives forward, a live stream will capture the approach and broadcast it for all friends and family to view in real-time from home. The car will approach the diploma table where your senior’s diploma will be set out.
  6. Your senior will be allowed to exit the car (no other family members, please) in order to receive his or her diploma. Your senior will pick up the diploma, face the professional photographer for a photo (all photos will be available on our website in late June) and face you to show off the diploma. The Site Administrator will announce (from 6ft away of course!) your student’s name, read a comment about your student from his or her Educational Coordinator and direct your student to turn the tassel in recognition of his or her status as a graduate! 
  7. Note: We encourage you to make ALL THE NOISE AND TAKE ALL OF THE PICTURES YOU WANT from your car at this point! Let’s send your graduate off into the future with a little exuberance!
  8. Your car will be directed out of the parking lot and you will get to go celebrate your graduate’s special day and review the live streamed event as well as the gratitude videos students will have submitted to our website!

Please Note the Following Requirements: These requirements must be strictly followed by all parties in order for the Pivot North Bay graduation ceremony to be held. These guidelines are established by current state and county health codes in order to protect against the spread of COVID-19 and any persons not following these requirements will be asked to leave for the safety of all others present. 

  1. Only one car per family. The graduate’s name will be displayed on the dashboard and will be checked off against a list. Any cars that do not contain a graduate will be asked to leave. Please remember that all friends and family can live stream the event.
  2. 2. All staff members will be wearing masks and practicing social distancing. The minimum number of staff members required will be utilized to host the event.
  3. Only the graduate may exit the car and only when receiving his or her diploma. No other member of the party may exit the car at any time. Cars will be asked to leave if this rule is not followed.
  4. Pivot staff will ensure your safety by minimizing the number of staff that handle any items that will also be handled by your graduate. Gloves and masks will be worn at all times while handling items such as caps, gowns, and diplomas.
  5. Please direct any questions and comments to Site Administrator Jennie Clopton at


Senior Gratitude Videos

Dear Seniors, 

As part of our traditional Pivot Graduation Ceremony, we have always encouraged students to come forward to take a rose and give it in thanks to the family members, friends and/or Pivot staff members who have been most essential in helping them reach this significant day. We know that it takes a team to help anybody be successful and nothing means more to your team than to hear that you recognize and appreciate the work they have done in supporting you. The rose ceremony has always been extremely meaningful and memorable to our students, staff and families and, while we can not conduct this part of the ceremony during our Drive-Thru graduation on June 10th, we still want to give you the opportunity to express your gratitude in a different way. 

We are encouraging you to use your phone to create a brief video of thanks and submit it to us. We will compile all of these videos into one keepsake video that will be available on our website,, to view on June 10th. Here are the requirements if you would like to take part: 


  1. Please make sure your video is no longer than one minute. It is usually more impactful if you focus on one or two people or groups in your speech.
  2. Let your significant team members know why you appreciate them and how they have helped you achieve your goals- they will cherish this!
  3. Please make sure that all content is school appropriate
  4. Please submit by June 5th, 2020

Please review the instructions below for making and submitting your video. I truly appreciate the Pivot graduating class of 2020- what you have all overcome in order to reach this day and receive your diploma is a testament to the strong, resilient and dedicated adults you will be moving into the future. 

With gratitude and good wishes, 

Jennie Clopton 

Site Administrator, Pivot North Bay 


How to Submit Thank You Video

  • Open your camera app on your smart phone, and select the video option.
  • Record your thank you video!
    • Please make sure your video is no longer than one minute. It is usually more impactful if you focus on one or two people or groups in your speech.
    • Let your significant team members know why you appreciate them and how they have helped you achieve your goals- they will cherish this!
    • Please make sure that all content is school appropriate
    • Please submit by June 5th
  • Go to your photo app (where your photos are stored) and find the video you just shot
  • Hit the share button (button left) and select the Gmail option
  • Send an email to
    • Please put the following message: My name is ________ and attached is my video. Thanks!
    • P.S. This may take a while and requires a strong WiFi connection
  • You will get a confirmation email once Jessica is able to watch your video
  • If necessary, finish those assignments!
  • Get excited for the ceremony!

Congrats to the class of 2020!

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