Club Information


Community Service Club: Fridays, 12 pm — 1:30 pm

Make an impact in our community while earning community service credit! Students will participate in community engagement activities and the primary focus of this program will include being caretakers of Paulin Creek, land stewardship activities and community engagement with a focus on social responsibility. For more information, contact John Halderman @

Outdoor Adventure Club: Spend time in nature and explore! Outdoor Adventure Fridays are a fun way for students to get some exercise, spend important time in nature, and make new friends. Each monthly adventure will have us visiting a local park or wild spot where the group will play games, tackle challenges, and explore an incredible Sonoma County landscape. John Halderman and a 1Rev guide facilitate this event. For more information, contact John Halderman @

Stay Active Club: Wednesdays, 11:15 am — 12 pm

The goal of the Stay Active Club is to explore ways to stay active and develop a healthy lifestyle. The Stay Active Club is designed to allow students to explore ways to get exercise and improve individual health. The minimum requirement of the Stay Active Club is that each student will be required to be moving their body is some way. Students will be able to participate in team sports or they can choose individual exercises, including walking, to meet the minimum requirement. For more information, contact Ray Hammer @

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