Pivot North Bay Policies

  1. No lingering outside of the site or in the parking lot. If you are waiting for a ride, you need to stay inside the resource center.
  2. Students are never to be unsupervised or be alone in any classrooms.
  3. Pivot Charter School is a drug and tobacco-free campus.
  4. Students may not smoke in, around or near the facility or in parking lots.
  5. Students may not discuss gangs or gang-related issues.
  6. Students may not wear gang-related clothing or colors. Students who are not enrolled in Pivot Charter School may not be on site without permission slips for each specific date or event and they will have to engage in their learning through the online platform only.
  7. Students cannot be dropped off earlier than 15 minutes before their time on campus and cannot be picked up later than 15 minutes after time on campus is done or may lose the privilege to attend campus. If taking part in the early morning supervision from 8:00-8:45 AM, students must be dropped off at the front entrance and must remain inside during the duration of the program.
  8. Students must be working on their courses or with a teacher while on campus. If students are not working on schoolwork they will be required to stay at school for the amount of time that they were unproductive on site. Consistent non-productivity or disruption of the learning lab program and the learning of other students may result in further discipline.
  9. Swearing is not tolerated on campus.
  10. No food or drink is allowed except during breaks and only away from the computers.
  11. No cell phones, texting, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, or any social media on campus. Cell phones may only be used as phones for calls and texting during breaks. If cell phones are being used during work time for any purpose, including playing music, the phone will be confiscated for the duration of the time the student is on campus. Violation of the policy will result in the parent being called and the student is prohibited from bringing their cell phone to campus at all.
  12. Students may listen to music on site through a personal device that is not connected to wifi or phone service. Students may not use Pivot computers to play personal music. Students must use headphones if listening to music or the online program.
  13. No inappropriate web pages, pictures or content of any kind may be viewed or stored on school computers.
  14. If students engage in any form of fighting (verbal or physical), they will receive an Incident Report and/or a Suspension.

Site Program Attendance Policies

Students are expected to come on time to all resource center programs. Three tardies of 15 minutes or more will count as one unexcused absence,

The resource center programs are intended to support students and help students successfully complete their online work. When a student commits to the program he or she is expected to attend as scheduled. If students are not going to attend on a given day, the parent must call the school.

Students in the 5 Day program who are absent 5 times in one block (excused or unexcused) will be removed from the 5 Day program at the end of the current block and may move to the afternoon program. 3 tardies of 15 minutes or more will count towards one absence. If the 5 Day program is impacted and currently on a lottery system, students may choose to add their names back into the lottery for the 5 Day program but would need to wait until our next drawing for another chance to return to the 5-day program. A lottery drawing will always be held one week before the end of the block to give families notice and will be announced vis Parent Square and the pivotnorthbay.com.

I understand the above policies and agree to abide by all Pivot Charter School rules. I further commit to being respectful to Pivot staff and other students at all times. I understand that the resource center programs are a privilege at Pivot Charter School and I must treat them as such or I may lose this privilege and have to participate in the online program only.

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Please download, print, sign and return a copy of the Pivot Charter School North Bay Site Policies to the site administrator.

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